[rspec-users] Conditionally turning some specs on and off depending on runtime platform

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Fri Sep 26 09:05:02 EDT 2008

On Sep 25, 2008, at 4:50 PM, Wincent Colaiuta wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Wondering what the best (that is, neatest and most supported) way to  
> conditionally turn off some specs depending on the runtime platform.
> Background: some of my specs call out to some third-party tools that  
> may or may not be installed on the system. I'd like to check for the  
> presence of those tools and gracefully skip those specs rather than  
> just bombing out.
> The following trick, calling "pending" from inside the before block,  
> effectively does what I want. But I'm wondering if I can count on  
> this behaviour going forward? What do you think?
>  describe 'Something' do
>    before do
>      if required_tools_not_installed
>        pending 'not running on this platform'
>      end
>    end
>    it 'should do something' do
>      1.should == 1
>    end
>  end
> Cheers,
> Wincent

Just wrap your platform dependent specs in an "if".  I used to have  
specs which would fail on ruby 1.8.5, and so I did something like the  

unless on_ruby_1_8_5?
   it "should..." { }


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