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Michael Latta lattam at mac.com
Thu Sep 25 10:42:48 EDT 2008

The problem I have with this reasoning is that the point of plain text  
stories is to get more stakeholder involvement.  Being able to express  
shared content in plain text allows the non-programmer reader to  
verify more details (for example UI interactions within a high level  
story).  I would like to be able to express the high level intent of  
the scenario and then (still in readable english like text) describe  
the UI interactions for each step, or the business logic details, or  
what ever should be verified by the customer to be correct about the  
details.  Saying "you can always use ruby" assumes the audience is  
programmers.  In most cases this is not the case for several levels of  
detail on the kinds of projects I am working.


On Jun 24, 2008, at 2:31 PM, Rick DeNatale wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 3:00 PM, David Chelimsky  
> <dchelimsky at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Jun 24, 2008, at 1:54 PM, Yi Wen wrote:
> In David's presentation @ RailsConf, he has this example:
> Story: measure progress towards registration goals
> As a conference organizer
> I want to see a report of registrations
> So that I can measure progress towards registration goals
> Scenario: one registration shows as 1%
> Given a goal of 200 registrations
> When 1 attendee registers
> Then the goal should be 1% achieved
> Scenario: one registration less than the goal shows as 99%
> Given a goal of 200 registrations
> When 199 attendees register
> Then the goal should be 99% achieved
> Notice that Given part is exactly the same for both scenarios. Does it
> possible to DRY up it a little bit by putting Given up to right after
> Story part? Or it is just too crazy?
> Depends on who the audience is. If you're using plain text w/  
> customers, yes it's crazy. The whole point is to keep things non- 
> programatic.
> If you're a developer, then write the stuff in pure Ruby and you  
> have plenty of language-tools to DRY things up to your heart's  
> content.
> Or leave the plain-text MOIST* and rejoice in the fact that the step  
> can be shared and therefor DRY things up.
> *MOIST = More Obvious In Simple Text
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