[rspec-users] Separating black sheep examples from the rest

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Tue Sep 23 19:11:34 EDT 2008

On 23 Sep 2008, at 16:25, Joseph Wilk wrote:

> Matt Wynne wrote:
>> So we've got a pretty decent number of specs now, and despite my  
>> best efforts, AR is just forcing us down the path of having to use  
>> database interaction for some of the model specs.
> Just out of curiosity, I would be interested to know how AR is  
> forcing you to use database interaction in your model specs. Can  
> you give an example?

Well, mostly this is either where we're doing complex manipulation of  
object through associations, and I'm having to fake too much of the  
AssociationProxy stuff to feel comfortable, or where people are  
writing custom SQL to get control over the way joins are done.

I think we may be falling into the latter hole a bit too readily, and  
we'll have a review of it soon. It certainly doesn't make it as easy  
as other ORMs to forget about the database, though.


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