[rspec-users] Running cucumber distributed across hardware

Scott Taylor mailing_lists at railsnewbie.com
Mon Sep 22 21:57:20 EDT 2008

On Sep 22, 2008, at 8:11 PM, Bryan Helmkamp wrote:

> At my job, our story suite contains over 500 scenarios. While we're
> very happy with the regressions we've caught by running the suite, the
> long time it takes (~ 10+ minutes) is starting to lead to developers
> checking in without running it. This is leading to broken builds, and
> the problems cascade from there (not being able to integrate, etc.)

Hey Bryan,

You know my thoughts on this -I think this problem will eventually be  
solved by Guillotine (or something like it).  Hopefully I should be  
getting a beta-version running up soon.  I'll let you and the list  
know when I do.  I'll also get some benchmarks running against FP or  
some other large test suite.

> What I'm wondering is if anyone has had success running Cucumber in a
> parallel/distributed mode, like I know some people have done with
> RSpec proper. I'm optimistic that if we can get the build time scaling

Regarding drb, as you know, there was a project named spec_distributed  
a while back which attempted it.  It's major failing was that it could  
only be run *after* check in. If you want something developers can run  
*before* check-in, you'll not only need to distribute examples  
remotely, but also the code as well (I'm sure that's why  
spec_distributed made the decision to run *after* check-in).

There was also a move to get Deeptest to work multi-core, and I'm not  
sure if that ever got done - it was buggy the last time I tried it.   
That might be a short temporarily solution, but I don't think it will  
scale up.

Seriously, though, no one has done this well yet, even for rspec proper.

> linearly with hardware, we can get the story run down to around one or
> two minutes and keep it there regardless of how many scenarios we
> introduce.

AFAIK, There doesn't seem to be an a priori reason why distributing  
workload via rinda *wouldn't* work (you could, for example, distribute  
feature files individually).

Let me know if you come up with something - I'd be interested in  
contributing to such a project.


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