[rspec-users] workflow: user => stories/features => spec => code => user

DyingToLearn phylae at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 21:00:55 EDT 2008


I am still trying to learn how to effectively use BDD. I would like to
know if there is a typical BDD workflow or if it is really just a
question of personal preference.

So far I see the following steps being fairly common:

1. talk with user to establish a few stories and features
2. write plaintext stories or cucumber features (with the user?)
3. write specs for whatever step needs to be wnitten
4. code until specs pass
5. write story/feature steps
6. repeat steps 3-5 until the story/feature passes
7. show the user to confirm that it works the way the user want (and
go back to step 2 if it doesn't)
8. go back to step 1 for new stories/features

Is that how you do things? Should I do it this way? How flexible
should this process be? For example, if the user wants a tiny change,
should I always be so disciplined as to update the story first, then
the specs, and then code?


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