[rspec-users] webrat the way to go?

DyingToLearn phylae at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 00:42:42 EDT 2008


Here is the short version of my question:
For stories, is webrat the way to go? How many of you use  webrat? How
many don't?

Here is the long version:
I have been writing specs for some time now. I have noticed that once
I learned how to write specs (both the syntax and the techniques) it
made my development much faster and more reliable. However, while I
was learning my development was painfully slow. So far it seems to be
the same with stories.

>From the recent posts I've seen on this mailing list, it looks like I
should focus my efforts on learning cucumber instead of the built-in
story runner. It is mostly compatible with what is already in RSpec,
and it has some good extra features. Do you generally agree with that?

What I am confused about, is whether or not I should learn webrat. It
looks great in theory, and I've see it mentioned a few times. But I
haven't seen a wide-spread move towards it. On top of that, the first
time I looked at it I got rather confused.

The reason I ask (instead of just trying it for myself) is that I'm
the only developer on most of the projects I work on, so I can't
afford a huge drop in productivity. And if my efforts learning to
write specs are much of a guideline, it will probably take me 3-4
weeks to get comfortable with writing stories.

I know I need to learn this, so I want to focus my efforts where I
will get the most return on my time.


PS. I am REALLY looking forward to the RSpec book!

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