[rspec-users] Prepare for newbie-ness

James Cox james at imaj.es
Tue Sep 16 18:38:50 EDT 2008

Oh and to answer your question Martin -

it's a fairly common step for both. Your absolute best bet is going to  
peepcode.com and watching all the vids on speccing. it should give you  
more than enough starting information about approach.

BTW - do any 'proper' tdd/bdd types here reccommend any specific books?


On 16 Sep 2008, at 18:00, Martin Streicher wrote:

> A few questions from someone new to rspec.
> 1/ I have several complex yet largely independent models using rspec  
> to test internals and computation methods. I am about to tackle  
> models that have several ties to each other and to the "primitive",  
> independent models.
> One model has stuff like this:
> class Message ...
>  belongs_to  :contact
>  belongs_to  :topic
>  has_one     :header
>  has_many    :parts
>  has_many    :attachments
> My question:
> What is the best practice for testing models with these  
> interdependencies? What would you recommend for Message? What about  
> Topic, which has_many Messages? Do I mock these? Use canonical data  
> in the code rather than use a fixture?
> 2/ Related to (1), I have not found much documentation about such  
> techniques. Pointers? Examples? Mentorship? Blogs?
> 3/ Has any documented how to run the debugger via rspec to help  
> track down errors?
> Martin
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