[rspec-users] Adding Test Spy into Rspec mocking framework

Joseph Wilk lists at ruby-forum.com
Mon Sep 15 12:54:18 EDT 2008

>Doesn't RR already support test spy?
I don't believe so. There is nothing on the github page or anything I 
can spot in the current code in git. The github docs do mention it as 
something they are aiming to do.

> o = stub("stub", :foo => true)
> o.foo
> o.should have_received(:foo)

That sounds really interesting Pat. Is is something that's living in 
github? I would be interested to see what you are coming up with when 
you get a chance to let it out into the wild.

>Now with all of that said, I think this is worth exploring. I'm just
>not sure that exploration should occur in Rspec proper. What I'd
>encourage you to do is write either a standalone library with hooks
>that you can exploit from Rspec examples and/or rspec/cucumber
>scenarios or write an extension library for Rspec's mocking framework.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look at making it something outside 
of Rspec as you suggested. I'll notify the mailing list of any progress 
I make.

To follow on from David's link you can see the slides from agile 2008 
where Mockito makes an introduction 

And from the creator of mockito 
(whose URL brings back good old memories.)

Have a good evening/morning/afternoon,
Joseph Wilk

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