[rspec-users] Cucumber Scenario syntax

Evan David Light lists at tiggerpalace.com
Fri Sep 12 17:34:48 EDT 2008

On Sep 12, 2008, at 4:01 PM, Joseph Wilk wrote:

> I agree there is difficulty with FIT values and bindings. I find using
> good descriptive columns names really helps

Couldn't agree more there.

> and quoting bound values in
> the plain text. I find this much easier to match up:
> Given a 'Widget'
> When I supply a line of text that starts with a 'foo'
> Then it should output 'bar'

This is a clever hack around a current weakness in Cucumber.  I really  
like it.  However, it would sit better with me if Cucumber enforced  
that syntax.

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