[rspec-users] RSpec in Rails -- HTTP methods

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Thu Sep 11 19:54:24 EDT 2008

On 10 Sep 2008, at 23:21, Matt Wynne wrote:

> With that one sentence, you have summed up all the painful bits of  
> my first five weeks on rails. Bring on merb :)

If you're doing something simple, try Ramaze[1] (although I will  
investigate Merb in depth soon for a more significant project).  I've  
started using it to build mockup versions of web APIs I need to code  
against*, and I've been amazed how simple, elegant and flexible it  
is.  I have yet to write any specs against its controllers (although  
they do specifically enable that), but specs against models are ORM- 
dependent, and stories can be done in something implementation  
independent (I'm currently favouring Celerity[2]).

Rails has grown from a snazzy little framework into an untestable  
behemoth, and I'm doing my best to avoid it.  There's a lot of  
frameworks and libraries now that give RSpec and BDD processes the  
respect they deserve, rather than forcing anyone that wants to do BDD  
to make ugly workarounds.

The work the RSpec team has done to make Rails testable is fantastic  
and should be applauded.  But I can't help feel it's an unfortunate  
sink on everyone's time, a bit like maintaining Windows compatibility  
in ports of software.

But that's just me grumbling as usual... I've got a very low tolerance  
for kludgy software.  What can't everything be perfect, goddammit!!!


* including Twitter - let me know if anyone here would benefit from a  
simple Twitter implementation (like Laconica) that plays nice with the  
Twitter gem, and I'll see if we can open source it...

[1] http://ramaze.net/
[2] http://celerity.rubyforge.org/


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