[rspec-users] What does a skilled BDD-/RSpec-er want in a job?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Tue Sep 9 09:34:27 EDT 2008

On 9 Sep 2008, at 13:28, Dan North wrote:

> I know a while back Google used to request python skills when they  
> were hiring java folks. They didn't actually need python to do their  
> job - it just meant they attracted the kind of developers who  
> venture outside their regular programming world, which is what they  
> were really after. Mind you they ended up hiring Guido van Rossum,  
> so you have to be a bit careful :)

Good point!  Might try and sneak something new and shiny in there.  Do  
you think if we mention RSpec + Stories on the job spec we might hire  
the whole RSpec core team by accident?

> Mentioning the technologies is useful, but if you put the emphasis  
> on your culture (co-located, collaborative, valuing open source -  
> both using and contributing, etc.) you may find you attract people  
> who also value culture over specific technical skills.

Very good point, hadn't looked at it that way.  Collaborative is very  
important.  One thing I love about stories is they give a concrete way  
to bridge the gap between the customer and code.  I noticed a few  
weeks back that there's a continuum:

Customer -> Story Session -> Story -> Spec -> Code
   |                                            |
    <------------- Demo Meeting <---------------

And it's no longer clear where the fuzzy business stuff stops and the  
geeky technical stuff starts.  Dunno how you screen for that though,  
short making a real story writing session part of the interview process.

> And any job ad that attracts Pat Maddox - well that would be a  
> pretty successful job ad in my opinion.*

This may require something more specific on the job description.   
Pat's favourite brand of coffee is? :)



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