[rspec-users] scenarios on production data

Jonathan Linowes jonathan at parkerhill.com
Mon Sep 8 12:21:29 EDT 2008

> On 4 Sep 2008, at 18:55, Jonathan Linowes wrote:
>> I'm just thinking out loud here...
>> It could be useful to have a way to run scenarios on a copy of a  
>> fully populated production database, as an alternative to normal use.
>> Not sure how that'd work, maybe replace the Given's but leave the  
>> Whens and Thens?

On Sep 5, 2008, at 3:11 PM, Matt Wynne wrote:

> Can you give us a concrete example of something that you're worried  
> might go wrong?

Here's one example: lets say my app is a specialized CMS, where  
account owners can setup their own projects, pages and forms. I'd  
like to run scenarios against setups that users have created.  
Thinking further, wouldn't it be neat to make this a user feature, eg  
via "Validate This Project" button

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