[rspec-users] What does a skilled BDD-/RSpec-er want in a job?

Pat Maddox pergesu at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 20:09:59 EDT 2008

"Bryan Liles" <bryan at osesm.com> writes:

> RSpec is a tool, it should be in face *minimally* (yes, this is important!)   A
> job description that mentioned RSpec explicitly would signal a red flag to me.

I'm with Scott & Mark on this one.  Tools matter, and good developers
usually have strong opinions on them.  The key is strong, not stubborn -
and remembering that they're just tools allows us to improve on them and
seek out better alternatives.

Personally, I've talked with potential employers that know about my
RSpec involvement, and say, "we use Test::Unit here, would that be a
problem for you?"  And my answer is, "Yes, unless you want me to help
move everything to RSpec."  Of course I could do that job...but with all
the other (sane :) employers who "let" me use RSpec, why bother?

btw, a job ad that would catch my eye would be one that lists the tools you
use, what open source contributions you've made to them, and what other
open source stuff you've done in the form of plugins, mini apps,


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