[rspec-users] What does a skilled BDD-/RSpec-er want in a job?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Sun Sep 7 16:14:46 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

Hope this is not too OT, but I know I will get a good answer here...

I will be soon* helping one of my clients write a job spec for an  
agile software developer, to work on a Ruby web app using RSpec.  I'd  
just like to know something from experienced BDDers - what in a job  
spec would attract your attention?  There's obviously nothing I can do  
about pay, working conditions etc (although both are pretty good, I  
have to say - I'd certainly like the job if I didn't want to work for  
myself), so it's more the technical appeal of the job.

I'm guessing most people would be put off by, for example:
Programmer wanted to write web site.  Must have 3 years' experience in  
Rails, SQL Server and CVS.  We are agile so you must deliver 3 pages  
of the project spec every iteration.  We do pair programming, but if  
you need a machine of your own, we have some spare Windows 95 boxes in  
the cupboard.

But what things make a job appealing?  What technologies, skills,  
practices and methodologies make for a good BDD role?


* Tomorrow actually, I guess I had the inspiration to ask on this list  
a bit late


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