[rspec-users] -l command line option broken?

Lenny Marks lenny at aps.org
Wed Oct 29 14:01:05 EDT 2008

On Oct 28, 2008, at 5:46 PM, Lenny Marks wrote:

> I'm not familiar enough with the rspec code to get to the bottom of  
> this, but I did enough drilling to find its related to the new  
> backtrace based strategy for Spec::Runner::SpecParser#spec_name_for 
> (file, line_number).  Putting a print statement inside  
> Spec::Example::ExampleGroupMethods#registration_backtrace I get the  
> following which shows that the target spec file isn't even in the  
> backtrace from jruby.
> ...

I submitted a JRuby issue about this but it sounds like it might be  
more of an rspec problem. See the issue comments.


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