[rspec-users] Including spec/rails/mocks into other classes

Cameron Booth cameron.booth at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:27:02 EDT 2008

Hi all,

So my potentially crazy but I think good idea right now is to take the
factory_girl gem and adapt it to generate stubbed models instead of actual
ActiveRecord objects that get saved to the DB. My main reasoning there is
that I like the syntax they've set up and some of the tools under the hood
to deal with associations, etc, but I want to be disconnected from the

However, for mocking my ActiveRecord objects right now (in a rails project)
I'm using mock_model from rspec-rails a lot, and I would love to use that in
this code too. But I'm hitting a few walls including the methods into a
separate class. So far I've got this:

class Factory

  include Spec::Mocks
  include Spec::Mocks::Methods
  include Spec::Rails::Mocks

  def create_stubbed(attrs = {})
    model = mock_model(build_class)

I'm getting a method missing on the method "stub" however, so I feel like
somehow I'm not including the right stuff, or maybe I should be extending
some things, not quite sure. (And yes, that's the method "stub", not

Any advice would be awesome, thanks!

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