[rspec-users] Cucumber step FIT-like tables

aidy lewis aidy.lewis at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 27 14:33:33 EDT 2008


I am having a problem with my Cucumber step FIT-like tables.

This is my scenario

  Scenario: Filter by new files added
    Given a database update that creates an ExpiryDate that is within 30 days
    And a logged in OLC user
    When clicks 'After Sales'
    And selects 'New files added within 30 days' in the filter by drop down
    Then verify the AE numbers of:
    | text |
    | ABHA338K |
    | ABEB702B |
    | ABBQ403P |
    | ABBQ404J |

My step implementation is:

Then /verify the AE numbers of:/ do |link_table|
      link_table.hashes.each do |hash|
      browser.link(:url, Regexp.new(hash['text'])).exist?

But I am getting this

Then verify the AE numbers of:
  expected 1 block argument(s), got 0 (Cucumber::ArityMismatchError)



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