[rspec-users] Testing item links in Webrat (was: Cucumber)

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Mon Oct 27 04:09:41 EDT 2008

On 27 Oct 2008, at 00:01, Mark Thomson wrote:
> aslak hellesoy wrote:
>>> What I'm not sure about is whether it's possible to specify that a
>>> particular link gets clicked, since there are multiple links on  
>>> the page
>>> with the same text. I'd like to be able to test that the  
>>> particular database
>> Use the #clicks_link_within method in Webrat.
> Thanks Aslak. You've made me realize I have been looking at an old  
> version of the documentation, here: http://www.brynary.com/uploads/webrat/rdoc/index.html 
> . So I didn't realize there was a click_links_within method. Google  
> has just led me here: http://webrat.rubyforge.org/.

The webrat code is very simple and readable IMO, even for a ruby  
newbie like me. When I'm wondering how to do something, I usually just  
open the source.

I think there's also a #within call which takes a block, so you might  
be able to do something like.

within :div_for_object_123 do
	clicks_link 'Follow Me'

This is based on a conversation I heard over the other side of the  
desk, so take it with a pinch of salt ;)


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