[rspec-users] Working outside-in with Cucumber and RSpec

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Mon Oct 27 03:28:38 EDT 2008

On Oct 27, 2008, at 12:26 am, David Chelimsky wrote:

>> Due to Merb still being a bit of an unknown, that's making me lean  
>> towards neurotic perfectionism in my own code, at the moment.
>> And I know just as soon as I've made them all perfect, David will  
>> redefine perfection again
> Are you calling me neurotic?

Ha, that was unfortunate ordering of sentences on my part!  Nah, but  
you do have an annoying habit of finding a better way of doing  
something just as I've got my head round the first :)



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