[rspec-users] cucumber feature description

Mark Thomson mark.thomson at ieee.org
Sat Oct 25 22:58:52 EDT 2008

Thanks much.


Ben Mabey wrote:
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> The preamble or narrative doest not effect the actual running of the 
> feature but like you said, it acts as an aid to answer upfront the 
> most important question about this feature - why am I implementing 
> it?  Or in other words, what is the business value that this feature 
> will fulfill?  Along with the business value being listed having the 
> role in the narrative is also very helpful as it places the all of the 
> scenarios in the right context.
> A more qualified person may want to answer your question, but my short 
> explanation of the change of the default narrative layout is to state 
> the business value at the start instead of the end.  However, you 
> shouldn't feel constrained to use that layout all the time though.  
> Whatever communicates the business value best and most succinctly to 
> the customer and you for a given feature is what you should use.
> HTH,
> Ben
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