[rspec-users] Working outside-in with Cucumber and RSpec

Tom Stuart tom at experthuman.com
Sat Oct 25 05:34:53 EDT 2008


Going to dive into Cucumber soon, and just reading through all the  
docs now.

Can anyone point to an example of writing Cucumber features first and  
then "when you get down to nitty gritty details, drop down one  
abstraction level and use RSpec to write some specs for your  
classes" (as per Cucumber wiki)? I'm trying to get a good feeling for  
the process of starting with a feature, dropping straight down to  
implementing code, and then somehow coming halfway back up and filling  
in the specs. Which levels of granularity are we talking about here?  
If you write a feature and then write enough code to make the feature  
pass, how do the specs still have traction to drive the design?


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