[rspec-users] Dreading Controller Specs

Rob Lacey robl at mail.pigdestroyer.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 05:45:40 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I was look for a little advice really. I've been using RSpec for about 4 
months now and I find it an absolute joy for model work and a really 
nice tool it makes everything so much more readable and nicer to organise

However, I seem to dread spec-ing out controllers, they end up being 
quite untidy, I think maybe I am approaching them in the wrong way as it 
probably shouldn't be as hard as I am making it.

For example I had a problem over the past few days where I am creating a 
way of logging in a customer to our site through a token. There is a 
UserController, the customer does a get to the action token_login, we 
authenticate the token, check a few other things and then set a session 
variable to keep them logged in.

      it "should find a single sign on" do
        mock_user(:generate_security_token => 'newtoken')
        ms  = mock_model(MusicService, :users => [mock_user])
        sso = mock_model(SingleSignOn, :music_service => ms)



        post :request_token, :secret => @secret, :email_address => @email
        assigns(:single_sign_on).should equal(sso)

To be honest I feel very uncomfortable about the way this is arranged as 
I am mocking several objects and their associations. I am trying to 
stick to the "don't touch the database" way of testing for controllers 
and I feel that I am almost writing the implementation in the test just 
by the way I am mocking / stubbing and therefore it makes the test 
pointless as its just a confirmation of how I've written it.

Can anyone give me any ideas of how to do this *properly*?

How far do you go do you go with your mocking?

I almost am tempted to simplify the controller by using only the User 
model and moving most of the checks out of the controller action 
entirely and putting all into User, although that would mean that the 
user model, single_sign_on and music_service would then be really 
tightly coupled which wouldn't be great either. I then don't feel 
comfortable because this approach would be as a reaction to making the 
test simpler rather than making the controller code work which is the 
whole point of the test.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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