[rspec-users] Cucumber "standard base" setup?

William Tozier bill at williamtozier.com
Fri Oct 17 20:34:38 EDT 2008

I'm trying to set up cucumber so we can try it in some Ruby automation  
scripts I'm working on. These will be straight Ruby, for use in BBEdit  
and TextMate (on the Mac).

NOT Rails.

The big early-stage stumbling block I'm having is setting up the  
initial Rakefile and directory structure. I think I'm rtfm'ing, but  
clearly I'm missing whatever I need to get past square one.

We'll be working on Leopard boxes, with clean and up-to-date gem  
installs across the board. Most of our coding is in TextMate, and the  
cucumber gem works AOK already. All the gems seem to be here, and the  
example files in the cucumber repository work as expected.

But I'm not understanding what a minimal setup for a NEW project  
should be.

* I need a Rakefile... but with what exactly in it? Many of the  
examples are different, and at least a few fail to run on my box (but  
that's external dependencies). What's the bare minimum I need to have  
in a plain, empty Rakefile?
* A cucumber.yml file, which as I understand it is only needed if I  
want to set params away from defaults.
* A "fixtures" directory... but with what necessary subdirectories in  
* A "lib" directory sometimes... but not in all examples?

Am I missing a simple generator script somewhere in the base cucumber  
install? NOT for Rails -- just for a plain Ruby project?

Thanks very much. Again, all I'd really like to do is see a noobs'  
walkthrough like:
(1) create an empty project directory
(2) build standard directory tree
(3) clone in standard Rakefile
(4) get started speccing.

(2) and (3) are my problem.

Thanks much!
Bill Tozier
AIM:vaguery at mac.com • Twitter:Vaguery

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   -- Oscar Wilde

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