[rspec-users] testing a render layout statement in a controller

Dave Gamphani Phiri davegamphaniphiri at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 02:50:27 EDT 2008

I am new to rSpec and I am writing a test for a controller which has
already been developed

This is the example in my reports_controller_spec.rb:

it "should render the layouts/menu template" do
    get :select_missing_persons
    response.should render_template("layouts/menu")

and this is the method in the reports_controller.rb

 def select_missing_identifiers
    render(:layout => "layouts/menu")

I am getting the following output when running autotest:

'ReportsController should render the layouts/menu template' FAILED
expected "layouts/menu", got "reports/select_missing_persons"

Here, I was trying to test if the out put displays with a layouts/menu
Can somebody help on how you test the render(:layout => "layouts/
menu") statement in a controller or this is supposed to be tested in
the view?

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