[rspec-users] Just a quick question on David's new-controller-examples

Shane Mingins smingins at elctech.com
Wed Oct 15 13:58:40 EDT 2008

Hi Mark

Yeah I was looking at that later on too.  And yes if you use in a  
'before' it does.  Only setting in an 'it' block is ok.

I was using this as a quick test as we are on an older version of  
rspec and I was checking if it may have changed but this fails on 1.1.8

require File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../spec_helper')

describe PersonController do

   def mock_person(stubs={})
     @person ||= mock_model(Person, stubs)

   describe "GET" do

     before(:each) do
       mock_person(:name => "fred")

     it "should have name fred" do
       @person.name.should == "fred"

     it "should have name steve" do
       mock_person(:name => "steve")
       @person.name.should == "steve"


   describe "POST" do

     it "should have name steve" do
       mock_person(:name => "steve")
       @person.name.should == "steve"

     it "should have name bob" do
       mock_person(:name => "bob")
       @person.name.should == "bob"



'PersonController GET should have name steve' FAILED
expected: "steve",
      got: "fred" (using ==)

Finished in 0.295898 seconds

6 examples, 1 failure

On 16/10/2008, at 6:26 AM, Mark Wilden wrote:

> I have a different question about the article (pity comments are  
> closed).
> def mock_account(stubs={})
>     stubs = {
>       :save => true,
>       :update_attributes => true,
>       :destroy => true,
>       :to_xml => ''
>     }.merge(stubs)
>     @mock_account ||= mock_model(Account, stubs)
>   end
> With this helper, doesn't @mock_account only get set once inside its  
> 'describe' block? Any future tests would use the same @mock_account,  
> even if other stubs were designated.
> I'm probably missing something very obvious.
> ///ark
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