[rspec-users] Rails config.gem and rspec, rspec-rails

Juanma Cervera lists at ruby-forum.com
Wed Oct 15 04:52:11 EDT 2008

Zach Dennis wrote:
> In #rspec the instructions for installing rspec and rspec-rails on a
> Rails project. Specifically talking about the following line from
> http://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec-rails/wikis/home
>   config.gem "rspec-rails", :lib => "spec"
> I think this should be updated to not instruct people to do this.
> Rails config.gem will *load* all configured gems in all environments
> which isn't what I thikn people expect. Simply having people move
> these config.gem statements into the appropriate environment file also
> doesn't work quite as expected (at least not with the rake tasks that
> surround gem usage in Rails).
> If folks use the gem versions I think the wiki should advise them to
> run "gem unpack rspec rspec-rails" inside of vendor/gems.

Besides, I get this warning when that line in environment.rb

  irb: warn: can't alias context from irb_context

I don't understand the implications, only telling this because may be 
useful for someone.

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