[rspec-users] Solution for autospec not working

Dennis Sutch dennis at sutch.com
Fri Oct 10 00:17:27 EDT 2008


I have noticed that, since version 1.1.4, autotest/autospec does not run any
of my specs.  After getting a hint from
http://b.logi.cx/2008/10/9/non-auto-spec, I dove a bit deeper into the code
and found that spec is no longer being run by ruby.

I monkey-patched Autotest::Rspec in my .autotest file so that spec is again
executed (using code taken from version 1.1.4).  autospec is now working for
me.  Applicable code from my .autotest file: http://pastie.org/289183

github shows that the spec_command was removed on 7/12, with the
comment: "removed
spec_command from autotest/rspec (ruby works just fine)". See:

Does autospec work for anyone?  Does this issue only affect those of us
using Windows?

Dennis Sutch
dennis at sutch.com
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