[rspec-users] gem generators on 1.2.6

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Tue Oct 7 18:03:43 EDT 2008

Pat Maddox wrote:
> In a 1.2.6 app (don't ask), I don't see the generators available to me
> with the gems installed.  However the documentation makes it look like
> it should work:
> Generator gems are also available:
>   1. gem search -r generator
>   2. gem install login_generator
>   3. ./script/generate login
> I've confirmed that with a fresh rails (2.x) app it works fine.  Is
> this supposed to work with 1.2.6?  Are there any workarounds that
> people have?  Is my app just fucked atm?
> Pat
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Hmm.. I don't know if that was supported in 1.2.6.. I know having 
generators in your home dir was.

Try this workaround:

mkdir -p ~/.rails/generators
ln -s /your_gem_path/rspec-rails-1.1.8/generators 



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