[rspec-users] What questions do you have about testing?

Pat Maddox pergesu at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 11:11:38 EDT 2008

Hey everyone,

We're doing a panel on testing at the Voices That Matter conference
(http://www.voicesthatmatter.com/ruby2008/ - you should go :).  Obie set
up a google moderator thing [1] to collect questions for the panel.  I
invite you all to put some questions up on there.  They can be questions
that you want to learn the answer to, or you just think that the answer
would be beneficial to the community as a whole (that is, you already
know it but you wish others did too :).  And please add questions even
if you're not going...there may be a video of these things (I dunno yet,
but I'm guessing so), and I'll definitely answer them on my blog.

If you're interested in attending the conference, check out my blog post
[2].  I'll be doing a half-day workshop on BDD, then sitting on this
testing panel, and finally on the last day I'm doing a breakfast with
the speakers where we sit down and talk about whatever.  Would love to
see you all there.


[1] http://moderator.appspot.com/#e%253Dagltb2RlcmF0b3JyDQsSBlNlcmllcxjPBQw%252Bt%253Dagltb2RlcmF0b3JyDAsSBVRvcGljGI0EDA%252Bv%253D0%252Bs%253D1
[2] http://evang.eli.st/blog/2008/10/5/the-next-conference-you-should-go-to

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