[rspec-users] would I stub an existing class method out or use fixtures in this scenario?

Greg Hauptmann greg.hauptmann.ruby at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 07:26:15 EDT 2008


Would the BDD experts recommend I either (a) use fixtures for data or
(b) stub out existing class methods for such a scenario?

Scenario = Working on a "populate for future transactions" method &
testing this.  It generates "transactions" table rows as part of the
test.  To do this it (a) requires BankAccount table row entries to be
in place to ensure foreign key constraints allow new "transaction" to
be added, i.e. with a bank_account_id which exists, and (b) ability to
call the BankAccount class method "balance?(date)".

Discussion = I've set things up with dynamic fixture type data using
Ruby code (in the before(:each) do), however I was wondering whether
in fact I should not be having to create such data (i.e. bank_account
rows, when the real code under test is generating new "transaction"
rows) but rather be "stubbing" out the existing methods on the
BankAccount model (e.g.
BankAccount.any_instance.stubs(:balance?).returns(<as required>)).

Do people normal use the "any_instance.stubs" approach to stub out
existing classes already developed, as a means to minimize associated
test data that may have to be put in place to allow the test to work?
Any other comments/suggestions re best practice here?


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