[rspec-users] cucumber and autotest - running all features?

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Nov 27 14:41:55 EST 2008

Given I have cucumber (0.1.10)
  And I have ZenTest (3.11.0)
  And I have features in sub-directories under a directory called
  And Each feature sub-directory has a sub-directory called
  And I have .feature files in the features sub-directories
  And I have .rb files in the step_definition sub-directories
  And I have a cucumber.yml file that contains <<CUCUMBER
     autotest: features -r features --format pretty
  And all the steps pass

When I run autotest
  And I touch one step_definitions file in one sub_directory

Then ONLY that feature branch should be rerun

script/cucumber --profile autotest --format autotest --out

7 steps passed
1 step Failed

I understood that the purpose of autotest was that it ONLY ran a test
for the changed file.  However, with this setup, if I touch any file
anywhere in the project then the full suite of feature tests apparently
gets run.  for UnitTest autotest only run the tests associated with the
modified files.

Is this intended behaviour?
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