[rspec-users] Variance in behaviour: rake features vs. autotest

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Thu Nov 27 12:03:57 EST 2008

Ben Mabey wrote:
> James Byrne wrote:
>> Ben Mabey wrote:
>>> As the cucumber wiki page says about autotest
>>> (http://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/wikis/autotest-integration) 
>>> if
>>> you want to override the arguments used by autotest you need to define
>>> an 'autotest' profile in your cucumber.yml file.  I added information
>>> about profiles here:
>>> http://github.com/aslakhellesoy/cucumber/wikis/running-features.
>> I suggest that, as helpful as this is, it might be much improved if 
>> you could discuss the default behaviour of cucumber with an empty 
>> cucumber.yml and what this equates to with the options explicitly 
>> set. Following illumination of this point then describe what one 
>> might like to alter together with the reasons why and show the 
>> setting for that.
> For the default behavior type "cucumber --help".  The first flag reads:
> "    -r, --require LIBRARY|DIR        Require files before executing 
> the features.
>                                     If this option is not specified, 
> all *.rb files that
>                                     are siblings or below the features 
> will be autorequired
>                                     This option can be specified 
> multiple times.
> "
> So.. the autorequiring of the ruby files next to the passed in 
> feature(s) to be ran is the default behaviour.
>> I have found that when approaching a new technology, instructions and 
>> examples are ofttimes needlessly opaque simply because there is no 
>> mapping provided between out-of-the-box behaviour and the available 
>> alternatives. Once one is familiar with the tool such things are 
>> obvious, which no doubt is why they are so often omitted form 
>> discussion.  But to people just beginning to explore a new 
>> environment such examples are extremely helpful.
> Great idea!  Someone should probably add that to the wiki...
> -Ben

Sorry if that last remark came across a little snide.  What I meant to 
say was that the wiki is a community effort and it would be great if you 
could improve it with your insight and point of view. 

The wiki instructions probably do suffer from what you described because 
most of the wiki has been written by people who have been involved in 
cucumber/rspec story runner from the beginning (or who are familiar with 
the code base.)  So our instructions may not be as helpful to newcomers 
as we had hoped.  Since you are coming from a different perspective it 
would be extremely helpful for your insights to be added to the wiki to 
help other people who are beginning and will probably have the same 
questions you have had.


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