[rspec-users] class << self considered harmful... really?

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Tue Nov 25 08:41:23 EST 2008

Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but I'd really like to know what the  
revered ruby-hackers who read this list think.


I have adopted class << self, partly from reading RSpec and Cucumber's  
code as I learn Ruby. I personally think of class methods (or 'static'  
methods) as being in a kind of 'holding pen' waiting to be factored  
off onto a proper class of their own, so I rather like the clear way  
you can group them in a 'nameless' metaclass ready for the exit door.

I also really like the clarity of seeing the invisible metaclass for  
what it is.

What do people think? How can this be harmful?


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