[rspec-users] Cucumber Problems with setup selenium/webrat + languages

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Tue Nov 25 07:46:49 EST 2008

On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 1:23 PM, Alberto Perdomo
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> Hi all,
> i've gotten started with cucumber thanks to Fernando and Raimond who
> gave a brilliant talk about cucumber at the Conferencia Rails in
> Madrid a few weeks ago. Congratulations again guys!
> Thanks also to Joseph Wilk who helped me out on IRC getting selenium
> up and running!
> Well, since then i got started using cucumber, first with webrat and
> then i tried it out with selenium. Now i am trying to have a parallel
> setup like this:
> features/features_plain/*.features
> features/features_plain/step_definitions/*.rb
> features/features_plain/support/env.rb (require webrat here)
> features/features_with_ajax/*.features
> features/features_with_ajax/step_definitions/*.rb
> features/features_with_ajax/support/env.rb (require selenium here)
> My profiles look like this:
> webrat: --language es features/features_plain
> selenium: --language es features/features_with_ajax
> So now it almost seems to work. My problem is the spanish keywords are
> recognized inside the features but not inside the steps. So if i
> change "Cuando" for "When" inside a step then it works, etc.

Currently you have to alias the 4-5 methods yourself. I recommend doing that
in your env.rb file - and make sure the stepd_definitions files require env
at the top.

I'll add an automatic alias of the methods so you don't have to do it
manually. Next release.


> Obviously my target is to write the features and step_definitions in
> the same language, consistently throughout a project, depending on the
> language spoken by the client.
> Also, i am looking into a way of sharing common step_definitions,
> maybe inside a folder features/common_step_definitions and maybe
> require it in both profiles?
> Any hints and suggestions very appreciated!
> Cucumber is awesome! Keep rocking!
> Alberto.
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