[rspec-users] Just trying out cucumber

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Tue Nov 25 03:52:09 EST 2008

On 25 Nov 2008, at 02:23, Andrew Premdas wrote:

> You definitely should have an id for your output. One of the really
> good things about feature testing is that it helps you identify what
> needs to be seen in your output, and by that I don't mean specific
> text, but rather a semantic meaning of your output, in this case a
> project containing a token. You should be using css id's and/or
> classes to identify these things.
> This will help you write less brittle features that don't depend on
> the content of something, or even worse the label describing it.


The person I often sit down to pair with on features is our CSS /  
markup hacker. You can write really nice features if you work to make  
them meaningful within the context of the markup (and make the markup  
meaningful within the context of the feature).

As well as #assert_select, check out the #within method that webrat  
gives you - you can use it to scope queries against the DOM of the  
response down to part of the page.

Also I'd suggest looking at using Hpricot for validating the response  
- it's used internally by webrat and is a really nice API for walking  
the HTML produced by the response.


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