[rspec-users] Just trying out cucumber

Shane Mingins smingins at elctech.com
Mon Nov 24 16:40:55 EST 2008

On 25/11/2008, at 8:37 AM, Pau Cor wrote:

> I haven't tested that, so it is probably broken. But the point of the
> regex is to match a div with the id model_attribute (change this if  
> you
> set ids with a different convention) and it should have the contents
> "Token MYTOKEN".
> If you do this, you are verifying what the customer actually sees,  
> which
> i _generally_ find preferable to verifying some backend thing like a
> record being written to the database.

Hi Paul

I agree with you.  The thing is that there is no div tag or id that I  
can use to identify it.

I'm not an expert at regexpr .... the output on screen is:


So that was why I went with the solution I did.  I guess one option is  
adding an id to it for testing .... but then that could be a fragile  

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