[rspec-users] Where does autospec come from?

Steven Rogers srogers1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 24 14:03:38 EST 2008

I'm working on a Rails project with someone else, and getting  
different results on specs. After a lot of poking around for  
differences, the only thing I can find is autospec in /opt/local/bin/ 
autospec vs. /usr/bin/autospec  Seems like a big clue, but who  
actually installs this - rspec, ZenTest?  I can't seem to google up  
any clues as to what actually creates this, or how it might be  
different on different machines. We both have the same version of  
rspec, rspec-rails, zen-test, etc. and both on the same version of OS  
X, both on the same project cloned out of git, same ruby out of port,  
etc.. So it's not obvious why our specs aren't running the same. This  
is the only difference I can find - any theories of how it could be  
different or what that might imply are welcome.


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