[rspec-users] calling a step from a step

Mark Anderson manderson at drillinginfo.com
Mon Nov 24 11:33:33 EST 2008

It looks like you are not closing your regexp here:

> When /should determine the party (.*) do |n|
>   When "obtain the party #{n}"
> end

So it doesn't close until it gets here, where you are trying to start a new

> Then /record the party/ do
>   Entity.destroy_all
>   @party.save!
> end

And then is treating 'record' as options to the regexp and not recognizing
some of them

> # rake features gives this error:
> /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:31:in
> `gem_original_require': ./features/step_definitions/entity_steps.rb:28:
> unknown regexp options - rcrd (SyntaxError)
>./features/step_definitions/entity_steps.rb:28: syntax error Then /record
the party/ do
>                 ^
> ./features/step_definitions/entity_steps.rb:28: syntax error

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