[rspec-users] RSpec, TestUnit, Cucumber and Autotest

Ben Mabey ben at benmabey.com
Thu Nov 20 11:55:36 EST 2008

James Byrne wrote:
> James Byrne wrote:
>> OS=CentOS-5.2
>> Ruby=1.8.6
>> Rails=2.2.1_RC
>> Gems all up to date
>> I have been experimenting with autotest and I have a few questions.
>> 1. given: export AUTOFEATURES=true, if ./test exists (with tests) then
>> these tests are run and the features are not.  Is this intended
>> behaviour?
> I have investigated further and the situation is this.  If all the 
> unit/functional tests under ~/test pass then, and only then, cucumber 
> feature tests are run.  If any unit/functional tests fail then cucumber 
> is not invoked.  It is not immediately clear to me whether this 
> behaviour is intended or not.  Can someone provide the answer?

Ahh... I didn't notice that you said you were using TestUnit.  Sorry 
about not catching on sooner....  The cucumber autotest integration was 
developed with autospec and rspec in mind.  I wouldn't be surprised if 
it never was tested with testunit so it might have some rough edges.  
Peter Jaros, the one who wrote the plugin, explained  how the plugin is 
suppose to work/behave in the wiki:
(under 'What does it do?')

After reading the wiki I think what you are seeing is the expected 
behaviour.  I don't think it is suppose to run the features until all 
your tests are passing.


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