[rspec-users] RSpec, TestUnit, Cucumber and Autotest

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Thu Nov 20 10:57:19 EST 2008

James Byrne wrote:
> OS=CentOS-5.2
> Ruby=1.8.6
> Rails=2.2.1_RC
> Gems all up to date
> I have been experimenting with autotest and I have a few questions.
> 1. given: export AUTOFEATURES=true, if ./test exists (with tests) then
> these tests are run and the features are not.  Is this intended
> behaviour?

I have investigated further and the situation is this.  If all the 
unit/functional tests under ~/test pass then, and only then, cucumber 
feature tests are run.  If any unit/functional tests fail then cucumber 
is not invoked.  It is not immediately clear to me whether this 
behaviour is intended or not.  Can someone provide the answer?
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