[rspec-users] Cucumber - how to spec a quick search box

Joseph Wilk josephwilk at joesniff.co.uk
Tue Nov 18 05:44:39 EST 2008

Mikel Lindsaar wrote:
> Hello all.
> Wondering if anyone else has solved this.
> Some websites (including the intranet app I am working on) have a form 
> in the top corner of the site that is buttonless. If you focus on this 
> form enter text and hit enter, it submits.  usually used for quick 
> search boxes.
> Question, has anyone managed to tie that into a cucumber feature?
> Scenario: Using the quick search box
>   Given I am logged in
>   And I visit the home page
>   And there is someone called 'Bob Smith' to search for
>   When I put 'Bob Smith' into the quick search box
>   And I hit enter
>   Then I should be shown the search results page
>   And there should be 'Bob Smith' on the page
> it's the 'And I hit enter' that is bugging me :)
> Any ideas?
I've encountered the same problem. I generally try and pull the 
abstraction up a bit a say something like:

When I submit a quick search for 'Bob Smith'

But here I'm assuming that its not really important to the customer how 
they submit the form just that they can.

Joseph Wilk

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