[rspec-users] Spec'ing specific before_filters in controllers

Shane Mingins smingins at elctech.com
Tue Nov 18 03:44:04 EST 2008


I like using before_filter in controllers to dry up code.  From what I  
have read I understand that this is not something everyone agrees  
upon.  Never mind.

I was looking for a way in my controller spec's to basically 1. assert  
that I have applied the before_filter on the actions I want and 2.  
execute the before_filter if it is defined in that controller and  
assert that it is doing as it should.  To me that seems to be the  
specific behaviour I am after.

I really only wanted to do this in one place ... and not have to  
"share" it anywhere.  Also I wanted to do a little more than some of  
the solutions I found.

Anyways ... I ended up with a spec description like this:


And then in the rest of the spec I can stub the before_filter methods  
like here  http://www.caboo.se/articles/2007/8/24/skinny-controllers-skinnier-controller-specs

So just wondered any thoughts ... have you seen anything else around?   
The code behind it at the moment is quite trivial and will probably  
grow if I have other filter types.  I can post a better write up if  
this sounds like something useful for others.

There is this matcher: http://github.com/ngty/have_filter/tree/ 
master .... but again, it wasn't quite what I felt I wanted.

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