[rspec-users] mocking and stub comprehension

Sahyoun osahyoun at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 17:53:09 EST 2008


I'm specing a controller, but having trouble getting my head around  
what I've created.

I'm specing a products controller for an admin user. Two before  
filters check the user is logged in and authorized.
A logged-in user only has admin privileges within her own subdomain.  
So, sarah, when logged in
can only administer products at sarah.mysite.com/admin/products.

Since there are two account types that require authentication   
(supplier and customer),
the user model is polymorphic:

class User
	belongs_to :allowable,  :polymorphic => true

class Supplier
	has_many :users, :as => :allowable

class Customer
	has_one  :user, :as => :allowable

A supplier has their own subdmain (sarah.mysite.com) and a customer  
has a profile page at mysite.com/people/joe.

When sarah is logged-in, I check she has permission to edit content at  
sarah.mysite.com with:

def authorized_resource?(resource)
   current_user.allowable == resource

'resource' being a supplier or customer object.

My mind is failing me trying to describe Admin::ProductsController:


Both examples pass, but I'm not sure I understand exactly what I'm  
doing. In particular, can I make:

it "should send unauthorized user to home page" do
   controller.should_receive(:authorized_resource?).and_return false
   response.should redirect_to(home_path)

pass without stubbing the false return. How can I set up the mock  
instances, so that the controller method
'authorized_resource?' actually returns a false method. Any guidance  
would be much appreciated.

many thanks



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