[rspec-users] undefined method `run?' for Test::Unit:Module

Bret Pettichord bret at pettichord.com
Fri Nov 14 19:13:03 EST 2008

Hello. I just ran into an error I wanted to share.

The error message is below. I tracked down the error to the following
1. I am using the new version of Watir (1.6.2)
2. This version of Watir uses the "user-choices" gem (from Marick)
3. This gem does not load Test::Unit, but does define a Test constant (not
sure why, but Marick likes testing)
4. Rspec thinks that Test::Unit has been loaded (even though it hasn't)
because the Test constant is defined.

As a result, my rspec script gives me this error. Any suggestions? Increase
the guard on the failing method call?



Finished in 18.625 seconds

2 examples, 0 failures
: undefined method `run?' for Test::Unit:Module (NoMethodError)
    from samples/lab6-refactored.rb:4

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