[rspec-users] webrat cannot find label?

James Byrne lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Nov 14 13:45:19 EST 2008

Mike Sassak wrote:
> What happens if you remove the b and br tags from within the label and
> change the text to "Legal Form" only, without the colon?

I get exactly the same behaviour:

      <label class="input_box" for="entity_entity_legal_form" 
title="Legal form is one of PERS, CORP or PART">Legal Form</label>
    </b> <br />

      <select id="entity_entity_legal_form" 
name="entity[entity_legal_form]"><option value="">Select the type of 
<option value="CORP">CORP - Corporation</option>
<option value="PART">PART - Partnership</option>
<option value="PERS">PERS - Natural Person</option></select>    </p>

# rake features
    And I select "CORP" from "Legal Form"                      # 
      You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
      The error occurred while evaluating nil.choose (NoMethodError)
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