[rspec-users] testing an action which requires picture

Nick Hoffman nick at deadorange.com
Fri Nov 14 11:53:32 EST 2008

On 2008-11-14, at 06:29, Mano ah wrote:
> can i know how to test a picture upload which dosent interact with db
> my code is
>  def scan
>  #-------
>    if request.post?
>      image = Image.new
>      image.blob= params[:image][:blob]
>      image.save_picture
>    end
> --  

Hi Mano. It doesn't really matter whether or not your "picture" model  
interacts with a database. Simply use mocks and stubs when speccing  
#scan , and you'll be good. For example:

describe '#scan' do
   describe 'receives a POST request' do
     before :each do
       # mock an Image instance
       # stub Image#new

     it 'should create a new Image'
     it "should set the new image's 'blob' attribute"
     it 'should save the new image'

   describe 'receives a non-POST request' do
     # stuff here

Obviously you have to fill in the contents of those #it blocks, but  
that's really all you need.

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