[rspec-users] A smarter autospec?

Ashley Moran ashley.moran at patchspace.co.uk
Sun Nov 9 14:07:32 EST 2008

On Nov 09, 2008, at 5:58 pm, Fernando Perez wrote:

>> Why are you routinely changing the code without updating the specs in
>> advance?
> That's not the point of my question.

I learnt early on when I joined this list, that whenever I ask a  
question of the form "When I do XXX, I get weird/undesirable  
behaviour, how do I avoid it?", 90%+ of the time the answer is of the  
form "Don't do XXX."*.  What you were describing sounded like  
something you shouldn't be doing often enough to worry about it's  
consequences, but I wanted to rule that out first...


* Probably half the emails I write to rspec-users I delete without  
sending, because by the time I've explained the problem in enough  
detail, I realise I've answered my own question


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