[rspec-users] A smarter autospec?

Joseph Wilk josephwilk at joesniff.co.uk
Sun Nov 9 12:16:23 EST 2008

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Let's say I change a method in one of my models in a Rails app.
> I hit save: autospec kicks in and starts specing.
> But I haven't yet edited my spec(s) to the new method name so the specs
> will obviously fail, but I already know that. So I edit my specs.
> Autospec will run a second time (or even more if more than one spec file
> is changed).
> But I haven't yet edited my controller(s) to reflect the new change(s),
> so I edit more files and save, therefore Autospec will run again.
> In such case (which happens often), autospec has been running a few
> times for nothing. Would it be possible to implement a sort of timeout
> (like 10") to let us make additional changes to other files before
> autospec starts his job? It's pretty annoying to have growl display
> plenty error messages as we already know specs will fail.
The problem is I would want feedback asap on a fail. The faster I get 
feedback the earlier I realize I've broken something and the easier it 
will be to localise the error. I think getting error messages I already 
know about is easily worth the sacrifice of this.
Joseph Wilk

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