[rspec-users] A smarter autospec?

Fernando Perez lists at ruby-forum.com
Sun Nov 9 12:05:00 EST 2008

Let's say I change a method in one of my models in a Rails app.

I hit save: autospec kicks in and starts specing.

But I haven't yet edited my spec(s) to the new method name so the specs
will obviously fail, but I already know that. So I edit my specs.
Autospec will run a second time (or even more if more than one spec file
is changed).

But I haven't yet edited my controller(s) to reflect the new change(s),
so I edit more files and save, therefore Autospec will run again.

In such case (which happens often), autospec has been running a few
times for nothing. Would it be possible to implement a sort of timeout
(like 10") to let us make additional changes to other files before
autospec starts his job? It's pretty annoying to have growl display
plenty error messages as we already know specs will fail.
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