[rspec-users] Sharing the little dialects we write in Cucumber

Matt Wynne matt at mattwynne.net
Sat Nov 8 05:01:48 EST 2008

The common_webrat.rb steps file that comes with cucumber when you add  
it to rails really inspired our team.

We've extended it a fair bit to do various other things to check the  
content of a page such as [1] which enable us to write steps like this:

	Then I should see the text "dave" within the "friends" list

We also have a bunch of generic steps that work with the factory_girl  
plugin to allow us easily create / manipulate different domain objects  
like this:

	Given there is a User
	Given there are 3 Concerts

Also, I've started writing some specs for a command-line tool, and  
will have a few steps that work with the command-line

	When I issue the command "ls"

I feel like I want to share this stuff and collaborate on it in a  
broader group outside our team but I'm not sure what would be the  
appropriate route. Obviously this stuff is pretty easy to re-use - you  
just have to require a ruby file that defines the steps so it's not  
like cucumber needs a plug-in manager exactly...

What do people think? Is this stuff so trivially easy to other people  
that they prefer just to write it from scratch? Or are you also  
writing step matchers that you think other people could be using? How  
do you think we could best share them and collaborate on them?



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